A Quiet Heart

I walked down the hill to where you were 
the wet grass glistened under my shoes. 
The flowers shone like the bright light you were. Crunch of leaves underfoot
. Every time. Every time I tried to speak. 
It was always too late. 
And every time I followed. Or ran away. It was just too late […]

The Word

It always happened kinda like this: Soul/Voice in back of my head: “Hey motherfucker- the word is love. What’s that other word that goes with it? The word I keep trying to get you to remember…” Me: “Uh…let’s see, damn, I can’t think of it again. Uh…I think it starts with a C…no wait a […]

Old Coat

I had a tattered old coat once Gave it to a friend The threads began to yield to time To ragged to mend Time went by, thought she liked that coat But seems it never kept her warm I guess an old tattered coat Cant protect you from a storm. But If you’re ever hurt, […]

Song for Hannah

The sun slows down and kisses the night The shadows announce the end of the day Couples hold hands and walk by the shore Seagulls confer and fly away. These moments are the magic that light our days and fade to memories, but someday you’ll know What brings us together seems to tear us apart I’ll be […]


Don’t look away. Don’t follow Life is never as it seems Ill be your spark, Ill be your witness You aint got nuthin if you aint got dreams


They found me in a field of withered flowers, tulips I think. Barely breathing since with every breath I felt a wistful reminder of never again laying down with you, pressing your lips to mine, and us breathing life into each other. Breathing pain. Breathing hurt. Breathing some of the things you don’t tell another soul. But […]

The Weight

Why do I come here? To see if I can make a rhyme? Live a little, learn a little, bite off another piece of time. This place it reeks of pain and tears the gloriousness of 50 years thwarted in some mortal scrum A drunken sailors requiem I don’t know why you stick around while […]